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In other news… The Poison Swamp website is now open for viewing after a fresh redesign of the gallery pages, with amazing creations by Bob Cunningham, renowned Australian wood-carver. Phase 2 of this project has just started, where photography and wood carvings fuse to create a new art.  To read more about this amazing project – click here.

I’d also like to share with everyone the Creative Warrior HQ Mission Statement –  hopefully some words to inspire you all to go out and create something that amazes even yourself!

A creative mind has the spirit of a warrior,

conquering new territory to expand their horizons…

willing to explore, experience, engage both life and the mind.

breathe colour, think magic – see ART!
Creative Warrior HQ Mission Statement written by Amanda Maresch.

And remember… If you’re looking for someone to custom design your website or you need a photographer then… Email the Creative Warrior today or phone 0414 838 321!  We have a great package deal for small or start-up business’s, just send me your details and I’ll be happy to give you some advice and a quote, or click here to read more about our website design services.

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